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    Exceptional bookkeeping services to small businesses in all sectors

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    Financial reporting services helps you to make meaningful business decisions.

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    Tax experts, you'll never have to worry about tax compliance.

About UAN

We are a team of qualified accountants with years of experience running SME businesses. We understand the practical difficulties that SME businesses face be that a one-man-band or a ten-million turnover business. Choosing the right advisor could be the right start. As employing full-time professionals can be expensive lean and mean structures are essential for early success. By outsourcing operational functions like accounting, tax and compliance businesses can focus on what they are best at. Whilst being an outsourced alternative to your compliance function our strengths lie in providing practical advice to challenges that businesses face. Often SME businesses may find the business growing but the numbers may not just add up! Or whilst it may look to be generating lots of profits cash may just never be there! The aspiration to grow bigger may put cash under added pressure.

  • Tax Accountants & Specialist SME Business Advisors

    UAN Chartered Certified Accountants Business Services is a firm of qualified tax accountants and specialist SME business advisors. Our philosophy is simple; be a practical and no-nonsense partner to SME businesses and help them out with value creation possibilities.

  • We help SME businesses to concentrate on their core strengths and build businesses.

    We aim to add value to SME businesses by re-directing their focus on to the key value drivers of the business, and by providing practical advice on wealth maximization and longer-term sustainability.

  • SME Business Advisors

    We understand the practical difficulties that SME businesses face; be that a one-man-band or a ten-million turnover business. Choosing the right advisor could be the right start. Our services are specially tailored to suit SMEer business needs and can be cost-effective when compared to an in-house finance function.


Our Services

What We Offer
  • Starting Your Own Business

    Setting up your own business involves risks and uncertainties but well begun is half won.

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  • SME Business Services

    We are specialist SME business advisers. We aim to be a partner to SME businesses by offering a single-window solution.

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  • Taxation Services, Tax Advice

    Tax needed be taxing, the rules seem complex though. As tax accountants and tax advisers,

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  • Tax Planning

    Effective tax planning can help you optimize or even minimize your tax bill.

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  • Corporate Tax

    Corporation tax can add up to a sizable chunk of your trading costs.

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  • Payroll Services, PAY Tax

    Becoming an employer is a good idea, but employing people involves a variety of legal, tax

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  • VAT

    Value Added Tax is a hideously complex and onerous tax regime imposed on businesses in the UK.

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  • Personal Tax

    Tax laws relating to private individuals, self-assessment, capital gains tax and inheritance tax

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